Vintage A. Barre ( Barré ) Oboe

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Up for sale is am A. Barre oboe in good used shape. All pads seal, and the mechanism functions as it should. This particular instrument dates to the 1960's. 

Here is what oboe seller Peter Hurd says about Barre oboes:
A. BARRE' - A. Laubin's “second–line” of instruments. Made to A. Laubin's specifications, finished by William Glover, voiced by Al Laubin. Good oboes for advanced students/ advanced amateurs. Somewhat bright (“sprightly)“ sound. One of the best oboes ergonomically for oboists with small hands. 

And here is what Peter Hurd says about Laurin oboes:
LAUBIN - Legenday maker. I especially like the Al Laubin oboes made between 1958 and 1972. I find some of the late model Paul Laubin oboes to be sensational, with special mention to the Rosewood oboes made in the mid to late 1990s. Smooth, dark, slightly "covered" sound, with a "glint" of oboe d'amore timbre.  

While we are not oboe experts, I can confirm that this oboe has a brighter sound than the (mostly student level) oboes that come through the shop, and it also has a much richer, full of overtones sound than the other oboes as well.  Of couse used items from our shop are returnable within 7 days, so feel free to try it yourself.