Used Casio DH-100 Digital Horn w/ Original Box

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A used Casio DH-100 Digital Horn in great shape! Recently refurbished with a capacitor replacement to stop the squealing problem that plagues these instruments. Now ready to play once again, or display as part of your collection! Includes original box, manual, and fingering chart. 

 Information from Casio below:

A digital horn making it easy for anyone to play the sax

The DH-100 could be played with the same fingering as the recorder, an instrument taught in school. Using keying to produce the smooth transitions between notes as in the way the saxophone is played, the model eliminated the need for nuanced blowing technique. Even able to modify its sound based on the force of the player’s breath, the instrument was also equipped with a built-in speaker enabling it to be enjoyed anywhere—a key feature. The instrument’s fresh new ideas won popularity, and the horn has devoted fans even now, over 30 years after its debut.