New York Bach Stradivarius Customized Trumpet w/ Case

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A used New York Bach Trumpet with a modern Bach Artisan bell and 6 leadpipe. This trumpet had a ruined original bell and leadpipe, so modern parts were sourced and mounted by our in-house technician. The serial number on the valves dates to 1952.

This trumpet was probably re-lacquered in the past as the serial number and Vincent Bach logo appear to have been buffed and are worn down. The lacquer has worn away at the contact points and many other places on the trumpet, and all of the new parts are in raw brass. Lacquer covers approx. 20% of the trumpet's surface. The valves have been replated in the past and are currently in good shape with no performance issues. The valve buttons are not Stradivarius buttons but are the same thread size (perhaps Bundy?). A small brass washer has been added to the third valve button so that it is level with the other two. The 6 leadpipe has been "clocked" (mounted at the angle where it performs the best), so the 6 looks like a 9. 

The 6 Leadpipe and Artisan bell combine to create a full but clear and bright sound with slightly more resistance than a standard Bach ML bore Stradivarius trumpet. The French bead on the Artisan bell gives great feedback to the player; it really gives you a more clear picture what the sound is like beyond the bell. Would make an excellent orchestral Bb or commercial horn, but it isn't so bright that it cant be an all-arounder. Includes used Bundy case.