Bach Stradivarius Trumpet Large Bore 25 Bell Silver Plate

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A large bore Bach Stradivarius with 25 bell from the personal collection of the shop. The 25 bell is on the tighter side and balances well with the large .462 bore to create a trumpet with a bright tone and a slightly less resisant blow than the standard 37 bell /ML bore combo. 

Cosmetically, this trumpet is in good shape with wear at contact points and various scratches in the finish. An Amado water key has been added to the third slide, and the water key on the main tuning slide was once converted to an Amado water key, then converted back to a traditional water key later with the resulting loss of finish. 

The trumpet also has nickel plated heavy weight valve caps and a set of Bach Black & White Sardonyx valve buttons (that are very nicely matched! All three have horizontal striping and some very pretty streaks of light blue and brown). Let us know if you have any further questions.  No mouthpiece, no case.